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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
In this kind of a situation, just play for fun and improvement. Don't be competitive. Playing with a significantly weaker player is going to result in your team losing. There is no other outcome. They are going to get every single ball hit at them. The weaker player always gets the majority of the balls.

If it were me, I'd just practice serving, practice poaching, and practice returns.

Other than that, I'd just try to enjoy the ride.
Very wise advice, something that I oftentime completely forget, the piece about "don't be competitive". I think my default mode when entering a game is to compete with the sole objective of winning.

Sigh, last night was another horrible night. My partner was so weak that I couldn't whip up any confidence in me to play my usual game. I played not to lose but at the same time slightly hoped at each point that we would come through as if my partner somehow would miraculously get better! Horrible feeling.

I'm going to take Mighty's advice and drop the competition aspect when I'm faced with this type of game. I wonder what "weak" players would think when the team suddenly plays like complete amateurs horsing around, completely outside their expectation. Do I dare to change that much?
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