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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
I wonder what "weak" players would think when the team suddenly plays like complete amateurs horsing around, completely outside their expectation. Do I dare to change that much?
A weak partner will just see you trying to be aggressive with a serve, a poach, or a return. They'll see you "trying hard". And they'll be appreciative. Weak opponents will just be appreciative of points donated by you. Egotistical weak opponents will think they are forcing you into donating those points. Let them think whatever they want.

Whatever you do, continue to be a supportive partner. Continue with the "nice try!"... "you hit that so solid!"... et cetera. It will make it much more enjoyable for them.

Next week, my mixed doubles (4.0) partner is going to be absent. Her substitute is a 3.0. Ugh. I've been wanting to practice topspin lobs, though. So I'm going to practice that. At least I'll get something out of it.
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