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Default "Rule" for Changing Strategy in Losing Doubles Match

Hey there,

Just recently lost a doubles match in our club tourney. The team we played was simply better, but the frustrating part was we didn't substantially change tactics during the match to give ourselves a chance.

Does anyone have a rule to follow for when to make a major change (change sides, lob vs drives, australian, etc.)?

The reason I am asking is I would really like to have a rule or axion I can rely on in case thigns start getting out of hand and I'm not being mentally very analytical. Something to fall back on so the match doesn't get too out of hand.

We were very close in the first set, tons of long deuce games, I thought we were going to win it or go to TB, but lost at 3. Then in the next set the games were still close, but it got completely away from us and before we knew it, we lost at 1. The match just seemed to go quicker and quicker and felt like we were done before we knew it. We never made any major tactical changes.

Thanks in advance for any constructive feedback!
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