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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Yup! Right now, I have a pre-stretched set of TCS in 1 of my racquets. My other racquet has an experimental poly in it. It's tough testing out all these racquets, strings, and shoes!

I like the Pure Drive more than the Plus. Only because I've pretty much only played with stadard length racquets my whole life and when I use an extended version, it throws my timing off a little. I will say, it does add some nice pop, especially on serve.

Jason, TW
Hahahaha rub it in!!!!!

I may go with the standard length. Wouldn't want a huge difference between my pure drive and pro open... Especially in the middle of a match.

Thanks for all the insight Jason. don't work too hard trying all of that nice new gear out...smh lucky people!
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