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Originally Posted by peakay View Post
Club 4.5, which is probably more like USTA 4.25. They served really well and just kept the pressure on us at all times. My partner who is usually a great baseliner never got his game going, which left me few net opportunities. They attacked his backhand on the serve relentlessly.

We just kept losing tough games and they were always just a bit better than us and keeping us on defense. I can accept losing, but I felt we never took the time to change tactics and in the heat of a tough match. I just want to learn from it and would love to have a "rule" in mind or checkpoint to get us to slow down, try changing tactics and hopefully keep us from repeating the same performance.
Good question. I am very aggressive in looking for ways to win unwinable matches, so I'll tell you my thought process. 1) are we successfully hitting the shots we are seeking to hit? Or to put it another way, are we missing shots but have sound strategy against this particular team or do we need a change in strategy? We have all had a change in fortune, (can't get a first serve in the first time, but serve well the rest of the match for example) but it is uncommon. Usually if you can't hit a certain stroke early in the match it won't suddenly start falling in later in the same match. For this reason I usually will try to change the strategy. 2) to figure out what to change to, you need to have a firm grasp on why you are losing points (a la Winning Ugly) and use that to adapt. Two back for first serves is a common change.
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