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Because you work at TW, you have no problem with the stringing issues. However, not everyone works at TW.

For the juniors and college players, if you can't afford any of the following
- strings
-stringing machine
-string jobs

Then the Steam is not for them.
You seriously broke 6 strings in 2 months. You're being scammed by Wilson I'm telling you!

I'm not a 'Babolat' hater, but the only reason why they are the "#1 racquet company in the market" is because of they sponsor hundreds of juniors which eventually develop into college players and the entire sling of influence starts from there.

Unfortunately, the trend of powerful, overpriced, stiff racquets will continue.. A $190 cosmetic update for the Pure Drive? Give me a break!

Thanks TennisMaverick for your help on guiding me towards this racquet.
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