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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
The same as what? He's playing tennis. You were convinced he would never play again. He's playing and winning and competing.

I guess you missed the last match. Serving for a set at 6-5 is the literal definition of having at least the set on your racquet. Nadal didn't execute and Nole did. Maybe it will be different next time.

Keep trolling. Obviously, disparaging Nadal on this forum does something for you emotionally and psychologically. It scratches some deep psychic itch. Who am I to ask someone to stop doing something that obviously feels so good. However, I'm more and more convinced that you're not actually even watching these Nole/Rafa encounters. It's the only logical conclusion one can make it you think Nole won any of those eight matches "in his sleep." All of them were tightly contested and could have gone either way; a few were absolute knock-down drag-out wars that literally hinged on one or two points (Miami 2011, AO 2012). Wimbledon might have been the only one that had one-way traffic in the entire bunch.

I'm not trolling. And you need to stop playing armchair shrink, dude. You honestly do not know a thing about me, and coming from a middle aged man who said Nadal's losses depress you, maybe you are the one who needs to see a shrink.

I also think **** beats Nadal easily more often than not. He always controls their matches and they are always on his racket. If **** plays at 50% he wins.
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