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Default Wilson Rush Pro Playtest

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley):I am a 4.5 player and play USTA leagues and tournaments. I mainly play singles, but do occasionally play doubles. I primarily play from the baseline with aggressive topspin groundstroke’s and solid defense. I use a two-handed backhand and use a semi-western grip. My movement is critical to my game so I always try to purchase quality shoes with good stability.

Current shoe: I have been wearing a pair of Adidas Barricade 7’s.

How many hours did you play with the shoe?16 hrs

Comments on shoe performance:

Comfort: I did have some trouble breaking in the shoe, but that isn’t necessarily uncommon for me. I had some pain in the right shoe around the outsides of the widest part of my foot. However, after wearing the shoes around the house and on the court they did break in. I couldn’t lace the right shoe as tight as I usually do, but with the glove like fit of the shoes I didn’t feel that it compromised the stability. After, the break in period I did find the shoes to be very comfortable

Arch support: The arch support was just fine. I have a hard time commenting on this subject because I think I have a pretty standard arch and have never had problems with shoes in that department.

Stability/support: The stability was great. The elastic glove in the shoe really forms to your foot and I had no movement inside the shoe what so ever. I was very confident to chase every ball down without fear of jamming my toes or twisting an ankle. There isn’t tons of flexibility in the shoe which I felt added to the solid feeling. However, I did like the fact that is was more flexible than the Barricades or the Court Ballistics.

Ventilation: The sides on the shoe and tongue allow for some ventilation, but the toe area isn’t great for ventilation with all the rubber added for durability.

Sole durability: I’m not super hard on shoes, but the 16 hours I was on court didn’t put a dent in the shoes. I played on a slick indoor hardcourt so that probably played a part, but I imagine the durability on these shoes would be fantastic. The shoes have thick rubber in all the right places and I think it would be a great shoe for players with durability concerns.

Toe durability: Again, this shoe has extra rubber in all the right spots to extend durability.

Traction: The traction on the shoes was excellent. They allowed you to stop when you wanted to, but also allowed some give if you wanted to slide a bit. The indoor courts I have been playing on are fairly smooth and slick so the shoes were perfect for the surface.

Weight: The weight felt similar to my Barricades. They are definitely not a super light shoe, but with all the extra rubber for durability that can’t be expected. I am used to this type of weight in shoes so it felt good to me.

General reaction/comments on overall performance: I really liked the Wilson Rush Pro’s. They felt similar to the Barricades in many aspects, but the glove fit offered greater stability and good comfort. The Rush Pro’s also offered better flexibility than the other shoes in this class which I really liked. I also appreciated the way the shoes look. I received quite a few compliments and inquire about the shoes when I was on the court. Some of the color ways they offer today are just too loud so this design was welcomed. One thing I noticed after receiving the shoes is that there was some glue left on the seams from manufacturing in a few places. I may have not noticed this if I wasn’t reviewing the shoes, but it did look a little cheap so I thought I would point it out. If someone saw that when trying on the shoe at the store they might think that it’s a low quality shoe which isn’t the case. All in all, I will continue to wear these shoes and would definitely consider a pair in the future.

Thanks TW for the opportunity to try these shoes!
Please excuse my punctuation and grammar.
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