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Originally Posted by asintu
i know that, that's the tour for past champions.
As for that point I have already long time wondered this extraordinary important status of the former tennis stars. If folks really wants to see SO MUCH this funnying around, then there must be something wrong somewhere ( I mean tennis today). Well, it´s not certainly as fool as if we put R. Bannister and J. Landy to run one mile for our fun (they were first
people who run mile below 4 minutes, and the thrill today would be
whether they run mile below 8 minutes...)

The whole idea of paying middle aged tennismultimillionaires, at least
in the senior circuit, big bugs and only for keeping themselfs fit,
really feels for the ordinary middle aged amateurplayer a little bit
repulsive…. and don´t missunderstand me; I´m not jealous, not very
much, anyway.

Somehow I respect Ivan Lendl, because he has not been involved to such a
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