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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
You're right. I don't know a thing about you. In fact, you're probably a wonderful person. But your posts, almost all of them, are pathetic and lame. I do think you're trolling and mucking up these boards, flaming on in order to antagonize people and get attention. It's a free country. You're allowed to write whatever your want, and I'm allowed to respond to you however I see fit as long as I'm not profane or cruel. You know where the ignore button is.
Then don't read them.


Attempting to psycho analyze a stranger on a tennis forum isn't profane or cruel? How many times have you insulted me with your armchair psycho babble on here in the past week alone? How many other people on here have followed your lead after you've insulted me yet again with your armchair psycho babble, causing all of you to gang up on me like a bunch of playground bullies? I think you, and several others on here who know who they are, simply need to get over yourselves. I'm not the one starting entire threads about how Nadal's losses depress me to the point of where I can't function. Giving mental health advice really isn't something you should be doing given the circumstances.

And you know where the ignore button is, too.
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