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your fh doesn't 'breathe'.

.contact should be a little more out in front definitely

.elbow is too close to your torso. move it away from your body more.

.sometimes weight transfer is good. majority of the time not. so work on that.

.take back is too big. if you were taking monster swings everytime and were a full ratings point higher then maybe you could use that takeback. make it more compact. if you try this for a whole day you'll see the benefit. trust me.

.i don't like the way your wrist is cocked during takeback. it should be neutral everywhere except towards the end of the forward swing and at contact. after that it should release. You actually have a loose wrist when you start the forward swing and i can see some ssc in there so that's good. So what's the purpose of an extended wrist before that? None. So you should lose it. If you are more relaxed in takeback you'll eliminate one potential break-down factor.

.you're making contact at the same location so that's good. just too close. more out in front.

. time for you to incorporate some left arm usage. it's almost dead right now. you should at least try to hold on to the racquet for a longer time. If you look at any atp pro they hold that racquet with both hands much longer than you do. helps with unit turn and tames those with huge takebacks (like you)

swing path looks decent. would look better with elbow away from the body and contact more out in front.

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