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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
I never stopped using B5E/ X-One in my pro opens. I have 4 frames in my bad now. The X-One breaks around 12-15 hours or is so badly frayed I switch frames and restring so I have fresh ones in my bag

The Wilson Steam 99s killed my shoulder during a 2 week period where played over 20 sets with it.
X-1 as a cross? Honestly, get something much cheaper. Dunlop S-Gut makes a nice cross for not much cash. I prefer it to most others as a cross. It's softer than Prince and Gamma, but not crisp like Gosen. It also has a lot more feel than those syn guts, but not as much as Nvy. As far as durability goes, it's probably between Nvy and PSGD, the latter being less durable. It's orders of magnitude moreso than Gosen, IMO.
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