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What's to gain from this OP?
Out of the house, less chance of chores. Now i think of it, even that is not worth the thousands of pounds lost....!

My missus would bust open my sack
Classic aussie humour . There is always this risk. I know the wife has it on her plan to take 6 months off in about a year and a half, to dedicate to her part time writing, so I thought I might try sneak in there also. But the sack could still be in jeopardy if I usurped her time off. Dangerous.

Live abt 60 miles from work, take train. From door to door in the morning it is about 80 mins, same at night. 35 hr working week.

One of the main reasons for the complete break *consideration* is that from personal experience, when work gets *projecty* there is tons of pressure and expecation, and that happens for about 7 months of the year (Admittedly not all in a row), the rest is actually very quiet. But during those busy times, it's very tough to switch off work I find - I've had 3-4 weeks in a row where I have committed to at least 2-3 hrs a day of exercise, diet, tennis....and then the concrete block of work sets in...and things go out the window. Maybe I just need to find out a better way of sectioning work and personal life in those situations.

But, with all of this, it is inevitably going to be risk v reward...and to become a 4.5 in 6 months....doesn't strike me as enough achievement in a tennis sense.

Perhaps a longer break (18 months, maybe even 2 years and part time work as LeeD said), at a later stage, where tennis is a major part of it but there are other achievements built in, could be the way to do it.
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