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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Just so you know, every league is not the same regarding requests to reschedule.

In our league, the schedule comes out and that is it. No one has the right to ask that a match be rescheduled, and no one must grant such a request. In all the times I have captained (over 20 teams), I have never seen this happen.

As captain, you can add players any time if you don't have enough players. It is your responsibility to have a roster large enough to field full line-ups even for the most wildly inconvenient matches. If you cannot, the other captain will take your default.
That is how it is for ALTA. There are matches that are almost always rescheduled (Easter, 4th of July weekend) but other than that people may ask that a match or a few lines get played early but those requests often aren't accomodated. We have had a few team trips (destination weddings or vegas) where we have had to add several people to the roster in order to fill a full lineup. It would never occur to me to be irritated at the other team for not wanting to play early just because we would find it more convenient.
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