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Originally Posted by spot View Post
There are matches that are almost always rescheduled (Easter, 4th of July weekend) but other than that people may ask that a match or a few lines get played early but those requests often aren't accomodated. We have had a few team trips (destination weddings or vegas) where we have had to add several people to the roster in order to fill a full lineup. It would never occur to me to be irritated at the other team for not wanting to play early just because we would find it more convenient.
Same here on the standard "reschedules." Our league FAQ sheet goes so far as to "require" it if more than x-number of your team roster is involved in another league's/division's playoffs/districts and purposefully doesn't even schedule men's matches on Easter or Father's Day (even though I'm sure some of them would rather be on the courts than hangin' with the kids and spouse LOL). The women don't play on Sundays so there's no conflict with Mother's Day. Play on Memorial Day or the 4th is hit-or-miss. Sometimes it's pre-scheduled, other years not.

The one "off" time I know of involved a very tragic situation. Two of one club's players were involved in a fatal car accident prior to that week's play. As far as I know, neither captain flinched at the prospect of the match...never being played. Can't recall if it factored into any playoff stuff but I know if it had, they'd have worked it out. Despite being a large metro, tennis-playing community, we're tight knit. That one, sucked.
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