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Originally Posted by Le Master View Post
I was hitting today with some friends (with my K90). Then about an hour into it, I couldn't get my PS85 out of my mind and I finally had to run over to my bag and swap out the racquets and start using it. I can almost swear it develops some kind of power over you.
i literally just did the same thing. i was hitting with my blx 90 and thought "come on, stop being a ***** and get that 85 out" it has some sort of immediate affect on your concentration. then i get lazy and it brings me back down to earth. i walk over to my bag, tail between my legs and get the blx out again!

Originally Posted by mikeespinmusic View Post
Add some lead at 3 & 9. The sweet spot by default is a bit low on it. You may play better doing that because it will bring it up.
i've never considered added weight to it but i just might give that a try. its one of the china versions from maybe the late 90's. it weighs around 3554-ish so there is a bit of room for weighting. i have a chicago version too which is slightly heavier. that barely leaves the house! im just not man enough!
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