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Originally Posted by ace_pace View Post
You guys do realize the only way tennis got to where it is toady is because money right? How can you make money from promoting wooden racquets that are all the 'same'. The development and the 'differences' in racquet technology are what fund a lot of tennis.
You're giving the tennis equipment makers too much credit.

For starters, I'm not sure about where tennis "is today." It's still not mainstream. Tennis is a fringe sport when it comes to money and this has been discussed in many different threads. From the budget of the ATP (compare to NBA) to the amount of money the 100th best tennis player in the world makes (compare 100th best golfer), tennis really has no money.

More importantly, to the extent tennis has money at all, it's not because of sponsorship or ad dollars from perpetually struggling companies like Prince! Sporting goods makers are barely surviving themselves. What commercial success tennis has found is the result of personalities like Agassi, Mac and Connors, long term deals with television networks, huge tour name sponsors like Sony and wealthy tournament owners like Larry Ellison.

Those companies that buy TV ads during matches, give free stuff to players and buy cute little banners at the stadiums are pretty far down the food chain. And, even among those, I would argue that Rolex and Porsche are much more important to the financial health of the game than, say, Wilson and Volkl!
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