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Default Best combination for the team?

I have been made captain of our men's team in this league all the matches are doubles!

How it works is there are 2 pairs and you play against both pairs so overall there are 4 matches!

Overall am happy with the squad but for my first match in 2 weeks in looks like I will have two strong players and two weaker ones!

None of them have played with each other more so as I see it I have two options play 2 strong players together and give us a good chance of getting 2 wins and hope the weaker pair can nick one win against the oppositions weaker pair!

Other option is split stronger players that will make both teams competitive but means every match could be an open match so we also risk losing 4-0 with that in mind I think playing 2 strong players together is our best chance, but I am new to this captaincy so what do you guys think is my best play?
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