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Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
yeah right, Murray and Nadal's pigeon Federer
murray did beat him @ AO 2010. he was playing very well in AO 2012 and stretched djokovic to the limit fighting all the way. Why on earth wouldn't he have a decent shot vs nadal then ?

federer was playing better than nadal @ USO 2011.

nadal had to struggle like hell to get a set vs djokovic. federer was up 2 sets to love vs him and had MPs. This was with djokovic playing better in the semi ( especially serving ) - both djokovic and nadal weren't serving well at all in the final

even the matchup angle doesn't account for that big a difference in the scorelines. federer was clearly playing better than nadal was ...

federer in USO 2011 was playing pretty well , would have a pretty good chance vs nadal ...

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