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Does the OP or the rest of the Nadal's and Sampras's fanboys (and girls ) have any proof of the severity of Nadal's injuries?

Because, apart from the constant inane babbling from his camp and himself, there is no a single piece of evidence, that his injuries were as debilitating as the majority of his (and ironically Sampras's) fanboys are making them out to be.

Did he have a surgery during the course of his career? No. Check

Every time he returned, he was around the same level, he has been before his break (of course, corrected for the respective surface). Unlike for example Del Potro, who needed a full year to get to his previous level. Check

His level on the different surfaces follows a pretty natural curve (not disrupted in any way by his "severe" injuries. Apart form his slight decline in his speed (which is perfectly normal) he doesn't display any signs of mechanical defficiencies, which WOULD occur, should he have a persisting problems with his body. Check

Oh, and his rivals had their fair share of injuries as well. Gluten for Djokovic (if it is to be believed, that that solved his problems), Mono and bad back for Federer.

The fact, that they didn"t miss out Majors doesn't mean, that they had less health issues than him. It is just that not every player is a *****, when he needs to take his health issues and psychological problems like a man.

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