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Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
I would give Tsonga better chance, he def Nadal before Wimbledon on grass, Federer is 2-8 vs Nadal, 0-2 on HC Majors
both HC major meetings were at the AO and federer was playing clearly better in US 2011 than he was at AO 2012 ... he atleast had his serve going in USO 2011 unlike in AO 2009 ....

lopez also got nadal on grass @ queens in 2010. did that really matter that much ?

tsonga's level varies far too much in comparison to federer/murray to say he'd have a better chance ....

Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
You mention AO 2010 QF but Nadal def in-form Murray in USO 2011
murray was so not in-form in USO 2011. he was well below par, which is why nadal defeated him convincingly, but still lost convincingly to djokovic.

murray played far better at the AO in 2012 ( and the next year at the USO as well )

Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
AO 2012 final Murray-Nadal? Nadal would have been a big favorite
65-35 to nadal in that final at max ( I'd say 60-40 ) , but definitely not more than that ... in a semi, would be close to 50-50 ....

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