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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
If Nadal wasn't injury prone then he would probably would have broken the slam record before Fed did

What Hurt Nadal the most is he got injured during what should have been the PEAK of his career. The way he was playing from 2008-2010, barring injury he would have won 90-95 percent of those slams.

2011 he started on a downhill turn (level wise) probably which the injuries precipitated. He was never the same after 2010

Getting hurt during the peak of your career is a major hit. Imagine if Fed suffered injury during the 2005-2007 seasons. He would be wayy off the 17 slam mark right now.

Nadal's prime should have been 2008-2012 but he was taken out by injuries twice

Yea many will attribute that to his playing style. But people forget it he already had injury problems prior to ever joining the pro circuit.

Djokovic also plays that similar style and hasn't suffered the injury problems like that. Some guys are just more injury prone then others.

When I look back at Nadal's career i would say he should have been a hands down GOAT Candidate but injuries stopped that from happening
I largely agree, but Nadal already is a GOAT candidate overall even with his many injuries...
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