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Default FS: (3x) Prince exo3 Tour 16x18, 4 1/4 (L2), 8.5+/10 Condition

Hi All,

I have 3x Prince exo3 Tour 16x18 for sale, preferably as a PACKAGED SET. They are 4 1/4 (L2) grip size, and individual descriptions are below:

#1 = 9.5/10: There is only wear on the grommets (only several small areas of wear), with the frame in near flawless condition thus the racquet would essentially be new with grommets replaced. Currently strung with Solinco Tour Bite 16Lg @ 52lbs.

#2 = 9.25/10: There is one (1x) ball-point pen tip size paint chip at 10 0'clock on one side of the frame. Aside from that, the only wear is on the grommets of the racquets. Currently strung with Solinco Outlast 16Lg @ 52lbs.

#3 = 8.5/10: This is the frame that has the most use. On one side of the frame at 10 o'clock (near the start of the grommet) there is a 1.2 cm long (~1mm wide) area where the clear coat has been damaged. One the other side of the frame, there are very very faint areas where the clear coat have been scratched but is only visible up close. Currently strung with Solinco Outlast 16Lg @ 52lbs.

Aside from the description of each frame, they all have intact paint jobs (with no chipping or loss of decals even after 6 months of use). Each racquet also has the original Prince Resin Grip, with over grips used each time.

I'm looking to sell all 3 for $300 shipped. References can be found here on TW and pictures can be sent upon request.

EC230 (enochc . leung @ gmail . com)
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