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Originally Posted by Ehh View Post
I have been realizing that if I were to classify my game I'd say I was a 'ballbashing pusher.' That may sound a contradiction in terms, so let me explain... I am a pusher in that I always aim to hit the ball in the middle of the court (the biggest possible target) and with huge net clearance. But I am a ballbasher in that I swing at every single ball in the rally as hard as I can.

I used to have a western forehand, but now I'm in the process of nudging it over to Hawaiian, and I used to have a semi-western 1hbh, but now I'm in the process of nudging it over to be essentially an eastern forehand grip, but turned over to hit backhands with.

I have a very narrow focus - all I'm interested in, in the game of tennis is to see how much topspin I can put on a ball, so I try to swing upwards faster and faster, and see how much of a loop I can get on the ball, see how high I can make that sucker kick off the court. I can play a clever rec player with flat shots and sneaky net approaches, and get destroyed, but that doesn't bother me much, because I don't really play tennis to win - I play to hit more and more topspin. We all have different priorities I guess.

I've noticed a lot of rec players sort of hit the ball with a 70 - 80% type of swing - they're clearly not hitting each ball as hard as they possibly can... Is that a bad habit though?

And what about the pro's - what about Federer and Nadal? For their average rally shots (particularly forehand) - aren't they trying to hit the ball as hard as they can each time? Especially Nadal - his entire game is built upon hitting the most topspin out of anyone in order to break down backhands, so surely he is swinging upwards as fast as he possibly can (i.e. maximum effort) on each rally forehand he hits?
I'm sorry, but this is fairly silly. Pros do not hit even at 80% maximum during rallies. It's just that their maximum is so much greater than ours. I know for a fact, because I've seen the numbers during matches, that every one of the top 4 can hit over 100mph on the FH wing, and over 90mph on the backhand. These, however, come from winners. Here is Murray hitting over 120mph, inside out:

Clearly, he has the ability to hit that hard, but yet most call him a pusher. He wouldn't be successful if he went all out like this constantly. Look at James Blake for a guy whose technique is go for broke only.
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