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Default Shoe Trouble

Ok I am a die hard Nike shoe player but at this point I am getting fed up.
My first ever pair of tennis shoes were
Kswiss Defier RS most comfortable ever 2-3 weeks worn through.

Next were Nike Air Max Breathe Cage 2 I wore these until they discontinued them about 5 pair, most consistent and reliable shoe(favorite)12-20 weeks worn through.

Next Court Ballistec 3.3 had 2 pair of these resembled the cages but a bit too tight in the toe box 10-16 weeks worn through.

Next Court Ballistec 4.3 succes a perfect shoe first pair about 12-14 weeks worn through. Second pair laceing system wears out before soles 5 loops pop but still able to wear out the soles, Third pair same deal 3 loops pop, Fourth pair None of the laceing system pops but separates from wear it is sewn to the shoe I sewd it back together about 12 weeks worn through. Fifth pair after about one 4 weeks the heel swole up like the air burst inside these were a warrenty replacement but I am arguing my case and don't know if they will replace them as yet. So a pretty steady 12 weeks on soles but other defects plegue these shoes

Next Air Max Cage fit about the same as the cb4.3s dont have the laceing problem but wait recieved these shoes the 28th of March I will post pic.

Any suggestions on a decent durability shoe with fair comfort. You will see from the pics that I dont wear heels out. I am strongly considering K Swiss big shot 2's I wear 11.5 Nike should that be alright for the bs2's? All suggestions apreciated.

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