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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
Here goes: I need more information to answer your question .... this is the kind of thing you cannot decide unless you know who you are working with.

1st, since there are 4 matches I assume you count courts and the champs are determined by how many courts you win over the entire season. Is this so?

2nd, for this particular match do you expect a tough team, a weak team or do you have no idea?

3rd, is the title soley determined by the regular season? Or do half of the teams qualify for some sort of season ending playoff? How did this squad do last year if applicable?

4th, how well do you know your players? Often times just putting the two best guys together does not give you the best team. Perhaps there are advantages to particular partnerships?

5th, how many total folks on the team? Will you just be working with a skeleton crew or will these guys likely never be on the courts at the same time again?

I would chose the the combinations that maximize your needs for each of these questions.
Thanks for your reply!

yes we get points for how many ties we win at the end of the season will determine our standing in the league

For this first tie from what I know they are a decent team I am not expecting them to be top of our league but I think there stronger pair will be useful.

There are no playoffs it's all on this we have 8 ties this season we have to be in top 2 to get promotion I think we can do it but can't afford a bad loss like a 4-0 or 3-1 loss in game 1.

I agree playing together is usually better than even strong players but apart from me and one guy none of us played together before or not any great number of times so there are no established partnerships that can outweigh good players.

All the guys playing are part of my plans for the season but it is fair too say the two weaker guys while will be in my squad probably will not be first choice when some of my better players are available.

So it's a question of for this tie a way to get the best we can from it and avoid a heavy loss ideally get a draw or nick a win knowing that I'll have 2 stronger players and a full team for 2nd tie two weeks later as they have confirmed availability.
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