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^The Rush Pro is that durable? I though neither GR5 or RPro are as durable as B7s.

Anyway... Play more on clay than hard . I had my Nike AMC at the end of February. I play roughly 6 hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Now, only 1.5 hour of these are on hard... Didn't put a dent in it yet. And yes, the number of hours you got out of it is important for us to guess what you mean. Looking at your shoes I'm glad the high wear areas really do their job greatly since I tend to kill the shoes at the ankle before the rest of the outsole is damaged. Then no surprise, AMC are not as durable as CBs, but they are less bulky and much lighter.

Or do it like this: take a durability guaranteed shoe you're sure to destroy in less than 6 months and you like wearing of course. Send it for guarantee to the manufacturer. Profit. Literally. If you can't afford to do this, the Barricades are the most durable shoe out there, but it isn't for toe grinders though, and since you seem to destroy the front part first, you'd be better off with the CB 4.3 that protect the toe much better.
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