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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I loaded the ZX Red onto my home-built string pre-stretcher this afternoon.

So far (after 20 minutes under 40-lbs constant tension), the ZX is creeping at more than twice the rate of Prince Tournament Poly. I'm curious to see if it continues to creep at a higher rate than the poly, or if it will plateau and have a different shaped creep curve than the poly.
Update: Under 40-lb constant load, the ZX has creeped more in 3 hours than the Poly did in 24 hours.
BLX Blade 98. 26.75". 13.195 oz., 12.55", 357 SW. 16x20 (outer mains skipped)
Pre-Stretched Ashaway Kevlar 16g/ZX Monogut Natural 16g, 90/40 lbs
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