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Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Oh, I missed this part. Please, do share, I like to see good doubles. Although you need a high enough camera angle to be able to appreciate something...

EDIT: So I guess Gage Brymer is the guy with Babolat Propulse 4 and APD, isn't he? What. A. Forehand. No wonder he doesn't play many backhands with such a shot... His BH kinda sits and go much slower in comparison. But that point is blew off by the fact he's able to use it to set up a forehand winner.
Yep, that's Brymer. He's playing for UCLA next year. They have a bunch of big name recruits. He was the top of the rankings from what I've seen of the graduating class from California. I don't know how he compared for the entire nation.
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