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so is the difference between 1991 and 1970... racquets went from 14oz wood to 12.5-13oz graphite... strings from Natural gut to hybrids, kevlar and poly... but the biggest changes were socio-economic... tennis became a global business and source of national pride vs. a pastime for the well heeled... the top tennis pros became wealthy celebs pushing consumer products vs. the faceless upper middle class... surfaces went from predominantly grass/clay to predominantly hardcourt... more and more decisions about the sport where constrained/drive by national agendas, TV requirements, corporate advertiser dollars and large, opaque professional bureaucracies.

the difference could be just a drastic, if not more... socio-economic impact of merging tennis, squash, paddle, badminton and table tennis with the technology* available in 2033 and the power structures in the world at that time will create something we can't really fathom... a new hybrid sport that will attract the serious marketing money. There have already been business folk, like Bernie** from F1 who have suggested limiting the amount of points, having set advertising breaks and limiting the time of matches... He didn't suggest his just in the press, rather he had had discussions about taking over the sport...

Look at football... teenagers in provincial town in China are religiously faithful to a teams based in 2nd tier European cities, which are comprised of players from all over the globe, not just wealthy nations and are owned by wealthy americans. it's a very different dynamic from the support your neighbourhood/city team because that' where you grew up/what your dad supported dynamic of just a few decades ago.

Or maybe tennis will remain as tennis... it will remain impervious to fundamental change... it will continue to be, ultimately, about one person across the net from another. A game, ultimately of skill and wits.

* Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, whateverotechnology, etc...
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