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Originally Posted by millardus View Post
I work in the Academic sector, one of the renowned Universities worldwide, they are into work-life balance as much as possible so sabbaticals are encouraged. Though you do have to present your case, and a 6 month *tennis* break would be tougher to sell than something more *creative*. Maybe i can wrap it up in some kind of creative bubbly, artsy way........ needs thought.

It's feeling like a bad idea for the reward tbh....cant say I'm surpised, was my inkling too. Now a 2 year break, that would be awesome!
Originally Posted by millardus View Post
That is precisely what the University rules allow for sabbaticals. I am in more of a physical pursuits frame of mind at this stage of my life. Further learning, contributions to the wider collective intelligence, that s**t comes later

Today it's superficial beat peoples keesters at tennis hahahaha
Ah...way to game the system. Pretty noble.
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