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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post
[...] It's not the case that he's a better player. I have more strokes, fitness and power than him. The only thing he's stronger is the mental game. Never.. Not once.. I've seen this guy loose its cool or even say anything on court.

I think my game just doesn't fit. Is it just poor tactics?

Another thing: I can stay with him in most points and make him go for his shots a bit more... But it's soooo boring... It's all in slow motion. His shots just sit there.. In mid air.

It's just boring to play that way.

I give up
A. Yes, he is a better player. He beat you.
B. Learn some patterns of play* that set up winner opportunities for you.
C. Practice crushing sitters on your own and/or with a partner. People still need finishing skills, even on clay. Use angles and spin rather than outright pace, although pace is still important.

It hurts to lose to these folks, but the work you put in to finding a way to beat them basically gives you an opportunity to make a big jump in your game.

* e.g. hit deep cross court ground strokes + drop shot down the line and come in + volley into open court... OR...
hit deep cross court ground strokes until you get a mid-court sitter and crush it down the line, or crush it cross court when he starts anticipating the down the line, etc...
Disclaimer: I'm NOT a coach...
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