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Oh yeah, the Air bubble under the heel cracking as already been mentioned in the forums. CB 4.3 protects the forefoot much more than the heel it seems, the bubble can crack sometimes if abused too much. I think it's taken care of by guarantee, someone please confirm this. It's the second most durable shoe out there, first being the B7s. If you have issues with both, I dunno what to say then. Wilson Rush Pro, AMC, Gel Resolution 5 hold very decently on the court, but not as much as the CBs and especially B7. Maybe with after-market insoles you'll be able to wear the B7s if you don't like it at all. Ironically, I have flat foot and wear orthopaedic outsoles, and I'm much rather having a high arch support than nothing under my foot's arch. There will be an eight version this summer/fall.

There's the Women TW review for the KSwiss BigShot2. The men review was cancelled since the shoe leaves (washable) marks on the court.

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