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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
Why they not play like this noW?!?
Nadal got older and doesn't go all out for every ball like he did in this match,circa 2008. His court coverage was unreal, especially when you consider that this was a medium-fast HC. 4 years is a lot in tennis and 27 is pretty old for a grinder.

Djokovic got more conservative in his game as time passed whereas in 2008 he was the type to swing for fences.

A guy willing to hit it out of the park combined with a guy who was willing to chase and counterpunch all day long made for some great tennis.

I would also recommend their Queens match or earlier matches in IW/Miami. There was a Canada encounter that was decent as well.

Funny stat:
Djokovic is the guy with the most career wins against Nadal.
Nadal is the guy with the most career wins against Djokovic.
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