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Originally Posted by chunlimeyers View Post
After reading way too many of these also, I realize why guys suck. They just practice "nice". They hit the ball waist level to each other, only hit easy baseline shots, barely move each other, and, everybody is happy(and, think they got ANYTHING out of their "hitting session")..

I have started to hit and practice playing out points like I was playing a match in hitting sessions. Let me tell you, I have lost nearly ALL of my "hitting partners" because of it. But, I am a FARR better player! I will take a mid court ball, approach with nasty spin to the backhand, split step properly to the T, and put away my volley with power. Man do I seem like a d*** when I do this to these poor guys. haha However, when I do not, and "play(practice) nice" all my timing is off when I need these plays, and I am no better than the rest of these "nice guy hitters".

So, bottom line. You play a match. You have practiced NEXT TO NOTHING... a)approach shot= U have none. b)power volley= nada c)aggressive angles= nope d)heavy deep topspin= probably not d)split step at T=non existant e)footwork for tough "pusher" overhead.. no, u just over closed the net! f)groundstokes?= sure.. waist high, easy to get back groundstrokes.. both you and your partner have those! Good for you!! haha Suckers.
It might be a good idea to let your hitting partner know when you're planning to play out the point.
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