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Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
I know University tennis/sports are quite big in America, but I'm not accustomed that system being French. Not that there isn't university sports in France, it's just not as big IMO and I simply don't know how it works. Can someone give me some informations please?
It's just college team tennis. There is a national champion team in each division and then also individual titles. Also, League titles. A school like UCLA wants to be nationally competitive in Division 1 (the best division - UCLA has something like 40,000 students), so they are willing to give full athletic scholarships to good players. Some of the best players in Europe are playing for US Colleges because they can get a free education playing tennis, and the competition can be quite good.

It used to be that very good players went directly to the tour, but it seems that young guys are having a harder time competing these days, so some choose to do some college tennis first. Isner is an example.

The players on a team like UCLA probably start at 5.5 ntrp and go up from there. Some of the better players hope to have a professional career.

From what I understand, Brymer goes to a public high school and doesn't travel much to play, so he doesn't have an international ranking. However, he has done well against some players who do.
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