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travlerajm: Yes, i probably should. Most just tell me to hit it right to them, or in a limited area. Then I just get reps, and hardly develop anything. (I think U are the guy who talked about depolarized, polarized frames? If U are, thanks, helped immensely when i polarized my racket!)

Leroy... Sounds like you are playing PAT RAFTER! haha Though seriously, a lot of no.1 4.0 players play that same type of game, and some at even the 4.5 level, so, that guy is good. But, during the warmup, and while playing, try different heights and spins of the ball to sides, try to find a weakness. See if he has speed and/or is cheating to get to crosscourt balls. If he is, hit behind him to get him off balance. Most guys on the planet struggle to hit a high backhand. And attack to his weakness, and see how well he can handle being attacked. If you think more about weaknesses and attacking you won't worry as much about his pushing and consistency. Good luck.
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