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Originally Posted by syke View Post
I think the OP is secretly in love with Nadia...
Originally Posted by PhrygianDominant View Post
It's not a secret anymore

In fact me and Nadia had a relationship for several years and lived together for more than the two of them. But managed to keep a strong friendship afterwards.

We are very lucky to be able to do so. And the reason for that, I believe, is a sense of genuine love for each other.

So, I'd never do something to hurt her intentionally. Not her, not anyone in fact!

When we read your comments about being creepy it was surreal and creepily funny . We decided (Actually I did ) to make a video response for entertainment purposes and to clarify our true friendship.
The last part of Nadia talking was actually captured really late, like 3:00AM as Nadia was leaving the day after, on Saturday.

We had lot's of fun since we were both very tired and we couldn't even communicate what we were going to talk about... Another funny part is, if you look closely at the last shot, you may see someone sleeping in the background. That's Israa, Nadia's best friend! Poor girl I'm so sorry .

There is a chance to meet her in an upcoming video as she is arguing, after watching the latest vid, with me of how I should pronounce my name in English!

She has agreed to do a video explanation! I think it's going to be a disaster!
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