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Originally Posted by ark_28 View Post
There are no playoffs it's all on this we have 8 ties this season we have to be in top 2 to get promotion I think we can do it but can't afford a bad loss like a 4-0 or 3-1 loss in game 1.
Are there only 5 teams in the division? That seems low, particularly with 2 for promotion.

I actually don't think that a loss in the first game is necessarily that important. Early in the season you often find clubs with players playing down, so they are often weaker for the return match when they can no longer do that.

If you really have no idea of how to pair them, rather than asking what is likely to give you the best result in this match, I would ask which pairings are more likely to be used later on. It's a chance to find out either a.) whether the stronger guys play well together and become and established pair, or b.) whether when the weaker guys get called up, they can partner one of these guys. Which is more valuable depends on how regularly you see these four playing later in the season.
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