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Let me let you in to a little secret of the game. Playing a point is like dribbling a basketball. If you're missing 1/3, 1/4 shots, there is something seriously wrong with the way you're playing. You may have stroke issues, which you probably do, but more likely than not, you're simply overhitting. To a certain extent, all the top players are pushers. They will not attempt shots they can't make 9/10 times or better, unless they're hitting a first serve or attempting a passing shot. For Federer, that shot might be an 80 mph forehand with 2,500 RPMs of topspin. He has hit a million balls and has perfect technique and footwork. For you, that ball might be a 50 mph forehand with much less spin and hit much less closer to the lines. You haven't hit a million balls and do not have perfect footwork. Simply put, the pusher is the one playing the game the right way, not you. He doesn't attempt shots he knows he can't make every time, and you do. Ergo, he wins and you lose.
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