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A couple days late with this, so I apologize. I wanted to play it outside to test the ventilation both indoors and out. This is the first weekend without snow on the ground since November, so I didn't get a chance until now.

Tennis experience/background: Current D2 College Player. 5.0 NTRP on a good day.

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): Offensive baseline play. Move opponents around, dictating with groundstrokes and looking for the first chance to attack a short ball.

Current shoe: Asics Gel Resolution 4

How many hours did you play with the shoe? 30

Comments on shoe performance:
-comfort: Really plush cushioning and material throughout the shoe. The upper fit my foot very well--a reason why I enjoyed this test so much--but I do see how people with a wider foot could experience some fit issues. I did not need a break-in, but it did take a couple of wears before I really felt comfortable in the shoes. 9/10

-arch support: Supportive. Just like the rest of the shoe. My arch was supported nicely on aggressive lateral cuts and forward sprints. I have a medium-flat arch, and experienced no discomfort. 10/10 (for my foot)

-stability/support: Wow. This is where the shoe shines brightest. It has stability comparable to an Adidas Barricade or CourtBallistec from Nike. It's been awhile since I played a tank of a shoe like this since I usually choose lighter options like Vapors or Resolutions, but this makes me rethink my choices. It was like I couldn't roll my ankle over if I tried, and issue I've had before with my Asics. 10/10

-ventilation: The only area where this shoe might slouch. My feet, when playing inside, were not warm, but my socks were a bit more damp than usual as compared to my Asics or Vapors. When playing outside, I could feel a bit of the breeze through the vents, but my feet got fairly warm. It's a bit strange, but I believe that it may be due to the lack of forefoot venting. Nothing terrible, but not the best aspect here. 7/10

-sole durability: No issues here. Lots of thick rubber on the outsole, and it holds up well too. 30 hours in, and they're still going strong, whereas my other shoes would be showing the midsole already. The rubber is smooth, but nowhere near the midsole. 10/10

-toe durability: I don't drag my toes that much, so I can't give an adequate comment here, but I don't see much wear in the toe area. The rubber and synthetic material of the upper would protect the shoe well from wear. 9/10

-traction: I'd say it's just right for what I like. Enough give from the tread to slide a little bit, but not enough that I feel like I could slip and fall when I have to sprint back the other direction for a ball. It's not like a Barricade where I feel like I'm glued to the gritty hard courts we have on campus, but I know I'm not going to slip. 9/10

-weight: It's heavier than my usual choices, but it's not overly heavy. Before it molded to my foot after a couple of wears, it felt a little bulky, but now, especially after logging plenty of time on court, they feel great. Not super light, but light enough. A good weight for the support it gives. 8/10

General reaction/comments on overall performance: I am pleasantly surprised by the latest performance shoe offering from Wilson. This is one of the best things they've put out in quite awhile now, and I can't be more pleased. A wonderful package of support, comfort, and durability that will satisfy even the most serious players. Well done Wilson. A big thanks to Wilson and TW for allowing me to playtest also!
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