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Originally Posted by Tonyr1967 View Post
Its a good drill and great practice for putting away mid-court balls.

The key is controlling the racquet face so that the RHS is converted into more into spin and less into power
Well, when I wanted to practice mid court put aways, I'll just asked my hitting partner for a short ball from the baseline. Imho it resembles more the short ball you get in match play. Plus, you really treat them like that, you want to finish the point with that stroke, or later on at the net. So you place it as difficult as possible for your opponent. You don't get that with minitennis when you're supposed to keep the rally going.

Also, short topspin balls are the easiest putaways. A short backspin floater is way trickier, thoug you have more time to set up, or better also BECAUSE you have more time to set up your shot. Only look at the club level how many short floaters are squandered. That's also why pushers love to feed those floaters.
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