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logged three hitting hours today of which i played one hour with my reference setup (mpp/mcs) and two hours with the monogut zx / mcs hybrid.

up to now the experience is truly impressive - i get more power with the mgzx and i am "forgiven" for offcentershots. when i'm on the stretch i still can play rather effortlessly a deep ball - as a matter of fact, initially they were sailing a little bit long until i dialled my strokes in. spin is so far absolutely comparable and touch is definitely better - again, after having dialled in on the slightly higher launch angle. i also managed to hit some wicked droppers in the latter part of the session.
the only area were i seem to have some trouble so far, but that is nothing which cannot be adjusted, is shortangled topspin strokes - due to the higher power level of the mgzx these went usually into the doubles alley, by some 10-15 cm, so this is definitely "adjustable".

interestingly, the mgzx shows no sign of notching after two hours of intensive hitting, while the mpp for instance, which has logged only about one hour, has already slight dents.
nevertheless, the surface in the contact area is not so smooth anymore, but this seems to have no effect on the performance so far.

stabilisation loss was basically as expected, both strings have lost a little bit of the "crispness/freshness" of a freshly strung stick - i played some volleys about two hours after stringing and today was at my usual 24hrs rest period.

looking forward to my next session on tuesday.

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