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Originally Posted by trader1499 View Post
Hi. I play at a place called Sunrise Athletic Complex or my apartment complex. I was thinking of joining this club on Oakland park near my place. They have 16 courts and I was thinking I might be able to meet some people through there. I can drive somewhere else to play too.

I looked on craigs list, but people were asking for 4.0's or 5.0 ranked players. I'm not ranked, because I have never played leagues. I actually need to hire someone to teach me the fundamentals of serving, because I have none. I've just been working on my forehand and backhand with follow thru and power and some spin. And getting back into shape as I am 34 years old.

I was playing with some people before, but they weren't good at all. But then I met a guy at the park and it felt like I was playing a pro. I couldn't even deal with the power he was hitting with as I was falling everywhere. Haha. Eventually I became more comfortable with it and started dishing out my own pace on the ball. The problem now is that I rarely find someone that is at the park alone, and the one group of friends that can play, don't go that often.

I want to improve and play against more experienced players because I would like to enter competitions. I've always loved tennis and especially watching the pro's, but I'm a bit late at actually wanting to get as good as I can in the game.
Where in Oakland park?
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