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Originally Posted by Steve Dykstra View Post
Unfortunately for you and Monfils, athletic ability is much less important than technical skill in tennis. It is probably about 80% technical skill and 20% athletic ability. Monfils is a great athlete compared to the average tennis player, but not compared to top track and field athletes or basketball/soccer/football players. If athletic ability was all it took to dominate tennis, then someone like Bo Jackson would be the greatest of all time.

Monfils has weak technical skills compared to most other top 50 players. He was never going to have a career win/loss record of 380-26 or 50+ tournament wins. I could see him doing a bit better than he has (especially recently), like maybe a Masters Series or two, or a slam semi or final, but I don't think it is fair to say he has been a total underachiever based solely on his athletic ability. I honestly can't see him consistently beating anyone in the top 7 right now, even at his peak level.
He never reached his peak clearly, it's clear in 2010 and 2011 when he had his best results he was only at 1/4 of his potential.
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