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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
It actually isn't his fault. Like a lot of other failed tennis players... he has athletic skills... but no mental ability to compete. All he wants to do is jump around like an idiot, hoot and yell, and hit a winner or two against the best in the world. It makes him feel good.

After each match, I'm sure he tells himself... "If I really wanted to win, I could. These guys are nothing."

He's just a mental midget. Like a lot of the other failures. Nothing to see here.

In 20 years, he'll sit around talking about some of the winners he hit against some of the top pros in the world. And that will be all he talks about.
Your acting like he has done nothing, he's one ATP titles and career high of 6, will have at least 7 figures in the bank when he retires, beat federer and other greats... His career is better then 99% of players on tour... I Dnt see ur point
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