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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
I think you were just the victim of a honeymoon period.
I don't think so. I tend to evaluate racquets over a long period of time, typically several weeks to a few months in a variety of situations and with different strings, before coming to a definitive view about, unless of course there's a deal breaker that I notice early on.

With the P1, I'm still in the evaluation period but I initially had been playing with in exclusively indoors over the winter. It played pretty well. With the improvement in the weather and also this thread, I gave it a good outdoor playtest, where the vibrations became apparent.

Not bad enough for me to the ditch it but on slower outdoor courts, the main thing I noticed was actually the lack of stability and mass against big hitters. It just doesn't have the beef and solidity of my Juice Pro. Needs lead, but I just don't have the time to fiddle with it at the moment.

Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
I do think it's still a great stick....but for me it's down to the vortex tour or the Wilson 99s.
The P1 is about different to those stick as you can possibly get....

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