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Originally Posted by Steve Dykstra View Post
He has a great first serve, but the rest of his game is erratic and inconsistent because his strokes are not as technically sound as other top players. He can his his forehand great at times, but he cannot sustain it. Inconsistency is a sign of weak technical skills.

For his career he has won less than 50% of points on his second serve.
You talked about top 50 players. He's consistent enough to beat Ferrer in RG. And to reach #6 in the rankings.

His inconsistency is mainly mental. And physical, especially considering his history of injuries.

He's probably just not comitted enough. He admits to being a bit lazy. It reflects on his game.

But I don't agree about his technical skills.
"Nearly ever male player has a better backhand than Federer." ~ federer20042006
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