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Originally Posted by trader1499 View Post
Anyone play near Sunrise? I am tired of the wall and the few partners I have, don't play much.
Get in touch with me (via the contact thing in my TT profile) and I can put you in touch with lots of players at your skill level.

Originally Posted by trader1499 View Post
Hi. I play at a place called Sunrise Athletic Complex or my apartment complex. I was thinking of joining this club on Oakland park near my place. They have 16 courts and I was thinking I might be able to meet some people through there. I can drive somewhere else to play too.

I looked on craigs list, but people were asking for 4.0's or 5.0 ranked players. I'm not ranked, because I have never played leagues. I actually need to hire someone to teach me the fundamentals of serving, because I have none. I've just been working on my forehand and backhand with follow thru and power and some spin. And getting back into shape as I am 34 years old.

I was playing with some people before, but they weren't good at all. But then I met a guy at the park and it felt like I was playing a pro. I couldn't even deal with the power he was hitting with as I was falling everywhere. Haha. Eventually I became more comfortable with it and started dishing out my own pace on the ball. The problem now is that I rarely find someone that is at the park alone, and the one group of friends that can play, don't go that often.

I want to improve and play against more experienced players because I would like to enter competitions. I've always loved tennis and especially watching the pro's, but I'm a bit late at actually wanting to get as good as I can in the game. might be perfect for you. The partner program is free for the first month. Just sign up. The seasonal leagues are cheaper than any of the alternatives and lots of fun. (with prizes, etc.) I've met lots of nice people and some good tennis players.

There are members in your area, and scattered all over Broward County and Boca Raton. Players are from 3.0 to 4.25 competitive levels.

You're not late getting started or wanting to get as good as you can. You're young. I'm 65 and basically just getting started. Never too late. No time limit on wanting to improve and working toward that. Email me ... your tennis life will change drastically (for the better).
66 yrs, NTRP-based, 3.0 in Tennis League Network ( Play mostly at Hardy Park near downtown Fort Lauderdale.

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