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Originally Posted by sdont View Post
You talked about top 50 players. He's consistent enough to beat Ferrer in RG. And to reach #6 in the rankings.
His matches against Ferrer are probably among the most impressive of his career, but they are only a few matches.

Check out his record against Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray. There is a huge talent gap between those guys and a guy like Monfils, and it shows in the head to heads. To be fair, I think those guys outclass just about everyone else by a wide margin as well, so it should not really reflect negatively on Monfils. But I think it is ridiculous to suggest that Monfils is as talented or more talented than those players.

The one player that I think is close to as talented as the top 4 players is Del Potro. Del Potro, unlike Monfils, has actually had moments where he has blown the top players off the court and shown that he had the talent to compete with and beat those players at their best.

Monfils has never dominated the game in that way before. If he was as talented as you claim, he would have at least had some matches where he was locked in and playing his best, where he blew a prime Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, or Murray (not on clay) off the court. A couple wins against Ferrer, while great in their own way, do not back up your claim that he is as talented or more talented than anyone.
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